What is the code for Stairs in Ontario?

What is the code for stair rise and run?

What is code for rise and run of stairs? The 2018 IBC building code for rise and run of stairs is a maximum 7″ rise and minimum 11″ run (tread depth). The OSHA standard for rise and run of stairs is maximum 9.5″ rise and minimum 9.5″ run (tread depth). The IBC maximum rise of a single stair flight is 12.

What does the Ontario Building Code say about the height of stair risers?

The 2012 OBC requires that: stair flights within a dwelling to have a minimum width of 34” (860 mm), the riser height to be not less than 5” (125 mm) and not more than 8” (200 mm), and the run width to be a minimum of 8¼” (210 mm) and a maximum of 14” (355 mm).

How wide do stairs have to be in Ontario?

The Ontario Building Code | Stair Width

(2) At least one stair between each floor level within a dwelling unit, and exterior stairs and required exitstairs serving a single dwelling unit, shall have a width of not less than 860 mm.

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What are the building codes for stairs?

International Residential Code (IRC)

The IRC stairs code states that, to comply with stairway requirements, the minimum width for residential stairs be no less than 36 inches. The stair riser code is up to 7.75 inches, and can not vary more than 3/8 of an inch.

What is code for deck stairs?

Requirements for Deck Stairs

Stair rails on decks should be between 34 inches and 38 inches high, measured vertically from the nose of the tread to the top of the rail. Treads must be at least 10 inches deep, measuring from front to back.

Do stairs have to be up to code?

If the staircase you are installing provides a safer and better means of egress to a floor, you will not need to meet building code.

What is the legal height of steps?

For each rise: minimum 130mm, maximum 225mm. For each going: minimum 215mm, maximum 355mm. The going shall be not greater than the tread depth (TD) plus a maximum gap of 30 mm between the rear edge of one tread and the nosing of the tread above.

What is the legal width of a staircase?

When it comes to staircase width, there are no restrictions as such, but standard flights measure 860mm, and for a main staircase it is agreed that a width of between 800mm and 900mm works best. A minimum staircase width of 600mm is recommended for secondary staircases.

Do stairs have to be a certain width?

Staircase code states that stairs must be 3 feet wide or wider. As long as the 3-foot width standard is met, you can expand the stairs’ width as far as you wish.

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