What is white pages in Canada?

Is there a White Pages Canada?

White Pages | 411.ca.

What is white pages used for?

Whitepages is a provider of online directory services, fraud screening, background checks and identity verification for consumers and businesses. It has the largest database available of contact information on US residents.

Is it illegal to use whitepages?

There is no crime committed simply by looking up available information on the internet or otherwise in the public domain. You do not commit a crime simply by typing someone’s name on a blog or putting it on a website, or posting a picture and…

Is it safe to pay whitepages?

Whitepages, despite the possibility of mistakes, is a legitimate service that customers pay for to find more information about individuals, whether those people are potential love interests, old classmates, or online sellers or buyers, as examples of use cases.

What is a white page?

: the section of a telephone directory that lists individuals and businesses alphabetically.

How can you get someone’s phone number?

If you can’t find the person online, perhaps you can find someone who knows them and ask. For example, if you desperately needed to get in contact with someone, you might try finding a friend or relative on Facebook (or in the White Pages) and asking that person for their phone number.

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Can someone know if I looked them up on whitepages?

No. All the background check is really doing is pulling a lot of scrapped public information and presenting it to you in a complete report.

What is the difference between yellow pages and white pages?

What is the difference between Yellow and White Pages? … White pages contain the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of individuals having landline connections in a city whereas yellow pages contain the names, telephone numbers, and addresses of business establishments and service providers in the city.

How can I get my info removed from whitepages?


  1. Go to the Whitepages opt-out page.
  2. Paste in the URL of your listing. …
  3. Verify the record you want removed and click the “Remove me” button. …
  4. Next, you’ll have to enter your phone number to receive via an automated confirmation call. …
  5. Wait for the verification robocall, then follow the prompts.

How does whitepages get your info?

Whitepages gets the data within their background checks from public record sources such as telephone records, public utilities, voter’s registration, and state licensing agencies, and more.

How do I remove my credit card from whitepages?

How to cancel Whitepages Premium

  1. Log into your WhitePages account.
  2. Go to the ‘My Account’ tab in the top right corner.
  3. Select ‘Purchases & Billing’.
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Subscription Status’ area.
  5. Click on ‘Cancel Auto-Renewal’.

Are whitepages searches confidential?

Whitepages reviews by consumers testify that it’s confidential and anonymous. Compiling data from millions of online sources and records from across the 50 states, SmartCheck provides: Previous and current address information. … Personal info like age, relatives, and maiden names.

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