What was Canada like 1900?

What was it like in the 1900’s?

In 1900, the average family had an annual income of $3,000 (in today’s dollars). The family had no indoor plumbing, no phone, and no car. About half of all American children lived in poverty. Most teens did not attend school; instead, they labored in factories or fields.

What jobs did Canadians have in 1900?

n the early 19th century, most Canadians worked as farmers, fishers, and craft workers. These activities were on a small scale; often, there was little differentiation between one’s work and home life. Most people resided on farms or in small villages.

What was happening around 1900?

September 8, 1900 – A powerful hurricane hits Galveston, Texas, USA killing about 8,000. … April 18, 1906 – The 1906 San Francisco earthquake (estimated magnitude 7.8) on the San Andreas Fault destroys much of San Francisco, USA, killing at least 3,000, with 225,000–300,000 left homeless, and $350 million in damages.

What major events happened in the 1900s?


  • 1901 – President McKinley assassinated, Vice President Roosevelt becomes the 26th President.
  • 1901 – U.S. Steel founded by John Pierpont Morgan.
  • 1901 – Hay–Pauncefote Treaty.
  • 1901 – Louis Armstrong born.
  • 1901 – Jacquan Boyd born.
  • 1902 – Drago Doctrine.
  • 1902 – First Rose Bowl game played.
  • 1902 – Newlands Reclamation Act.
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What was Canada like in the 1920s?

Despite some initial growing pains, including economic volatility and labor unrest, Canada transitioned from war to peace and prosperity. Canada granted women suffrage, launched its first radio broadcast, won multiple gold medals in the 1920 and 1928 Olympics and reveled in the high life of the Jazz Age.

What were working conditions like in the early 1900s?

Many workers in the late 1800s and early 1900s spent an entire day tending a machine in a large, crowded, noisy room. Others worked in coal mines, steel mills, railroads, slaughterhouses, and in other dangerous occupations. Most were not paid well, and the typical workday was 12 hours or more, six days per week.

What was happening in Canada in 1925?

February 24 – The Lake of the Woods Treaty works out joint Canadian-American control of the Lake of the Woods. April 13 – Women win the right to vote in Newfoundland. May 28 – Roddick Gates unveiled in Montreal. … June 23 – First ascent of Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada.

What was happening in 2005 Canada?

February. February – Canada introduces the Civil Marriage Act, making Canada the fourth country to sanction same-sex marriage. … February 22 – Canada rejects a proposed missile defence plan with the United States. February 23 – The 2005 Canadian budget is presented.