What was considered Upper Canada?

What is Upper Canada referred to as today?

The province of Upper Canada, also called Canada West, is now known as Ontario. From 1791 until 1841 the area was known as Upper Canada. Also, from 1841 to 1867 the region was known as Canada West, though the two names continued to be employed interchangeably.

Why did Canada split into Upper and Lower Canada?

Upper and Lower Canada were formed by the Constitutional Act of 1791 in response to the wave of United Empire Loyalists moving north from the United States into the French-speaking province of Quebec following the American Revolution (1765-1783).

Who were the new pioneers of Upper Canada?

The book describes the enterprise and independence shown by the pioneers who were helped on their way by some remarkable characters such as Thomas Talbot, Lord Selkirk, John Galt, Archibald McNab and William Dickson.

What was the Family Compact in Upper Canada?

The Family Compact is the term used by historians for a small closed group of men who exercised most of the political, economic and judicial power in Upper Canada (today’s Ontario) from the 1810s to the 1840s. It was the Upper Canadian equivalent of the Château Clique in Lower Canada.

What was the population of Upper Canada in 1800?

1806–Population of Prince Edward Island, so named in 1798-1800 : 9,676. (Bouchette–The British Dominions, Vol. II., page 235.) 1806–Population of Upper Canada, estimated at 70,718.

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Population of the Province, as stated above 471,875 souls
Grand Total, in 1831, estimated 561,050