When did Canada start using energy?

When did energy start being used?

The Industrial Revolution kick-started our use of human-generated electricity. Most people credit Benjamin Franklin with ‘discovering’ electricity in 1752, which he did by realising that the sparks emitted from lightning strikes could generate power.

When did rural Canada get electricity?

In the early 1920s, the Ontario Legislature passed the Rural Hydro Electric Distribution Act for the construction of rural power lines in that province. By 1953, 85 out of every 100 Ontario farms were electrified.

When did electricity come to Alberta?

The first coal-fired electricity generator in Alberta began its operations outside of Lethbridge in 1874 to provide power for the coal mines; the first plant dedicated to providing power to the city of Lethbridge was built in 1893.

What energy transformation did Ontario rule out?

Ontario was the first province in Canada to pursue a renewable energy strategy, phasing out coal plants and creating investment and jobs in the renewable energy and clean technology sectors.

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