When should I overseed my lawn in Canada?

When should you overseed your lawn in Ontario?

The best time to overseed a lawn is in the fall (mid-August to mid-September). Keep the overseeded area moist by watering several times a day. One week after seeding, reduce watering to twice a day until seedlings are established.

Is it better to overseed lawn in spring or fall?

Fall is the best choice. The soil is still warm which means the seed will germinate faster. Also, weed growth tapers off after summer, so your new grass won’t have to compete for sunshine, water, and nutrients. Overseeding in spring is the next-best option.

Can you overseed in the spring?

Overseed in Spring

Oversowing in early Autumn means the seed has time to establish prior to the cold season and will prepare it for the cooler winter weather. Overseeding in Spring will rejuvenate your lawn after winter.

Do I need to aerate before overseeding?

The most important step you can take before overseeding your lawn is aerating your soil. No matter what seed you use, they can’t germinate in compacted soil devoid of water, nutrients, and sufficient air exchange. That’s why it’s crucial to aerate your lawn before starting the overseeding process.

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When should I overseed my lawn in spring Canada?


  1. Overseeding is best done in late summer to early fall.
  2. Topdressing with compost or topsoil can be done at the same time. Apply topsoil first, then seed over top and press or rake seed into the soil.
  3. Using the proper type of grass seed is very important for lawns in shady areas.

Should I water my lawn in April?

Delay watering your lawn in April and May. Mother Nature tends to provide enough free irrigation throughout the spring. Waiting to water encourages grass roots to grow deeper, creating a more drought resistant, healthy lawn. If you must water, adjust sprinklers to eliminate runoff into the storm drains.

Can you fertilize and overseed at the same time?

It is perfectly safe to fertilize after overseeding your lawn. In fact, applying a specialized lawn starter fertilizer will increase the number of grass seedlings that survive to adulthood. For best results, apply a starter fertilizer within 3 days over overseeding.