Where in Canada is above sea level?

What city is the highest above sea level in Canada?

The Setting

The Banff townsite covers 3.93 square kilometres (2.5 square miles) and has an elevation of 1,383 metres (4,537 feet) making it the highest town in Canada.

How far is Canada above sea level?

This is a list of countries and territories by their average elevation above sea level.


Country Elevation
Canada 487 m (1,598 ft)
Chad 543 m (1,781 ft)
Chile 1,871 m (6,138 ft)
China 1,840 m (6,037 ft)

What Canadian city has the highest elevation?

Kimberley, city, southeastern British Columbia, Canada. It is situated near St. Mary River, just northwest of Cranbrook. Built on the rolling slopes of the Sullivan and North Star hills, Kimberley is Canada’s highest city (3,662 feet [1,116 metres]).

Which area of Canada has the lowest elevation?

The southernmost point of the Canadian mainland is Point Pelee, Ontario41.909°N 82.509°W. The lowest point is sea level at 0 m, whilst the highest point is Mount Logan, Yukon, at 5,959 m / 19,550 ft60.567°N 140.405°W.

How far above sea level is Alberta?

Question: How far above sea level is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada? Answer: It is 2,200 feet above sea level.

How much above sea level is Calgary?

Well, that is because Calgary is at 3557 feet (1084 m) above sea level and baking anywhere over 3000 feet (912 m) is considered high altitude baking.

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