Who is the designated administrative authority in Ontario?

What is an administrative authority in Ontario?

Administrative authorities are responsible for ensuring that a number of Ontario’s consumer protection and public safety laws are applied and enforced.

What is a delegated administrative authority?

In Alberta , the most common form of delegated arrangement is the Delegated Administrative Organization (DAO). … DAOs are self-funded and raise revenue through fees and service charges.

Is executive the same as administrative?

They are not the same. The executive functions are that of representing the government as a whole and of seeing that all of its laws are properly complied with by its several parts. … The administrative function is that of actually administering the law as passed by the legislature and interpreted by judiciary.

Is RECO appointed by the government?

It is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors composed of nine registered real estate professionals elected by their peers and three non-registrants appointed by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (Ontario) to represent consumers, business and government.

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