Who was the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada?

Who was the 26th prime minister of Canada?

26th Canadian Ministry

26th Canadian Ministry 26e conseil des ministres du Canada
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor General Ray Hnatyshyn Romeo Leblanc Adrienne Clarkson
Prime Minister Jean Chrétien
Member party Liberal Party of Canada

Who were the prime ministers of Canada?

Who was the 28th prime minister of Canada?

28th Canadian Ministry

28th Canadian Ministry 28e conseil des ministres du Canada
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Prime Minister’s history Premiership of Stephen Harper
No. of ministers 39
Member party Conservative Party of Canada

How long has Justin Trudeau been prime minister?

Table of prime ministers

Prime Minister Total time in office
10 Justin Trudeau (incumbent) 6 years, 14 days (As of November 18, 2021)
11 John Diefenbaker 5 years, 305 days
12 R. B. Bennett 5 years, 77 days
13 Lester B. Pearson 4 years, 363 days

Who was the prime minister before Pierre Trudeau?

Pierre Trudeau

The Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau PC CC CH QC FRSC
In office April 4, 1967 – July 5, 1968
Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson
Preceded by Louis Cardin
Succeeded by John Turner
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When was Pierre Trudeau prime minister?

This article is the Electoral history of Pierre Trudeau, the fifteenth Prime Minister of Canada. A Liberal, he served two terms as Prime Minister (1968–1979; 1980–1984). He led the Liberal Party in five general elections, winning four (1968, 1972, 1974 and 1980) and losing one (1979).

Who was the prime minister of Canada?

Who was prime minister in 2014 Canada?

Stephen Harper

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper PC CC
Personal details
Born Stephen Joseph Harper April 30, 1959 Leaside, Ontario, Canada
Political party Conservative (2003–present)
Other political affiliations Liberal (before 1985) Progressive Conservative (1985–1986) Reform (1987–2000) Alliance (2000–2003)

Who was prime minister in 2015 Canada?

The Liberal Party, led by Justin Trudeau, won 184 seats, allowing it to form a majority government with Trudeau becoming the next prime minister. Trudeau and the rest of his cabinet were sworn in on November 4, 2015.

What political party is Justin Trudeau?

Who was the first female prime minister of Canada?

Avril Phaedra Douglas “Kim” Campbell PC CC OBC QC (born March 10, 1947) is a Canadian politician, diplomat, lawyer and writer who served as the 19th Prime Minister of Canada from June 25 to November 4, 1993. Campbell is the first and only female Prime Minister of Canada.

Who was Canada’s prime minister in 1996?

Jean Chrétien

The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien PC OM CC QC AdE
show Parliamentary offices
Personal details
Born Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien January 11, 1934 Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada
Political party Liberal