Why did the Canadians need to liberate Antwerp Belgium in the Battle of the Scheldt?

Why is the liberation of Antwerp important?

From September 1944 to April 1945, the First Canadian Army fought German forces on the Scheldt estuary — opening the port of Antwerp for Allied use — and then cleared northern and western Netherlands of Germans, allowing food and other relief to reach millions of desperate people.

Why was the Battle of the Scheldt important to Canada?

Those Canadians who fought in the Battle of the Scheldt achieved and sacrificed much in their efforts to help bring peace and freedom to the people of Europe. … It contains the graves of 968 Canadians, most of whom fell fighting to open the sea approaches to Antwerp and make that port available to Allied shipping.

Who liberated Antwerp in ww2?

Canada played an important role in the liberation of Belgium during the Second World War. Our soldiers, sailors and airmen helped defeat the Germans and restore peace to the country after more than four years of occupation.

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