Why does Canada need a navy?

Why is naval force necessary?

The strategic defensive purpose of a navy is to frustrate seaborne projection-of-force by enemies. The strategic task of the navy also may incorporate nuclear deterrence by use of submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

What is the purpose of the Navy?

The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.

Does Canada have Navy Seals?

Canada has its own version of the elite US Navy SEAL Team Six that is just as capable at counterterrorism, hostage rescue, and other sensitive missions. Known as Joint Task Force 2 and based near Ottawa, the unit keeps tight-lipped about its operations. That’s the case with most special forces of course.

What does the Navy do when not at war?

Naval forces that were organized, trained, and equipped for combat are finding themselves increasingly engaged in enforcing sanctions, chasing pirates, interdicting narcotics, and performing a host of other noncombat tasks.

What is Navy requirements?

Candidates on completion of the 10+2 (PCM) Examination or while in the 12th standard are eligible to compete. Successful candidates join the NDA or Naval Academy as Naval cadets. Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE). University graduates are eligible to appear in the examination.

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What is salary of Navy?

Indian Navy Officer Pay Scale

Rank & Level Pay Scale (in Rs.) Military Service Pay (MSP)
Sub Lieutenant – 10 56100-177500 15500
Lieutenant – 10B 61300-193900 15500
Lieutenant Commander – 11 69400-207200 15500
Commander – 12A 121200-212400 15500

What is the difference between Navy and naval?

As adjectives the difference between naval and navy

is that naval is (nautical) of or relating to a navy while navy is having the dark blue colour of navy blue.