Why is Air Canada charging in US dollars?

If you end booking a Canadian flight using Air Canada’s U.S. website, you will be charged in U.S. dollars. … The airline stressed she paid the same fare as she would have on the Canadian site, once the currency conversion was taken into account.

Does Air Canada charge in CAD?

A fee of up to $30* (CAD/USD) per direction is charged for the first checked bag, and a fee of up to $50* (CAD) per direction is charged for the second checked bag on flights between Canada and the Caribbean and Mexico (exceptions may apply). See complete details on baggage allowance at aircanada.com/baggage.

Does Air Canada do price adjustments?

Our promise to our customers is that by going to aircanada.com they are guaranteed of always finding the lowest prices for wherever we fly and if they find the same flight elsewhere in Canada at a lower price within 24 hours we will provide a $50 travel credit plus the price difference,” said Ben Smith, Executive Vice …

Why is Aircanada so expensive?

Canadian airlines have higher cost structures: higher labor costs, higher fuel costs (taxes, again), and higher administrative costs than in the US for example. Canada is a very large country and the population centers are quite spread out, another factor that makes airlines’ costs higher.

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Why are airlines charging so much?

Fuller planes mean more passenger revenue and fewer costs for the airline. … Planes fly close to full now, and airlines are quite happy about that. With fewer planes, less competition, and higher capacity, airlines can charge a lot more for tickets. There’s nothing to stop them, and they don’t need to lower prices.

What is the change fee for Air Canada?

Standard Fare

For Standard fares, after the 24-hour window has passed, Air Canada charges a change fee of $100 for flights that depart in 60 days or less and $25 for flights that depart in 61 days or more. If you’re changing to a more expensive option, you will need to pay the difference in price.

What does Air Canada no change fees mean?

Currently Air Canada’s flexible booking policy allows travellers to make a one-time change without a fee for all new or existing bookings made through Feb. … For any ticket purchased currently, change fees are waived for any subsequent changes against that ticket, adds Air Canada spokesperson, Peter Fitzpatrick.

Will Air Canada refund if price drops?

We’ll refund you for price drops.

Air Canada has a lowest price guarantee if the cost of your flight drops more than $5. … You have to find the new price within 24 hours of purchasing the original ticket.

Does Air Canada have a seniors discount?

Unlike most U.S. carriers, which have discontinued their basic senior discounts, Air Canada now offers discounts of 10% to seniors on all of its fares, even the lowest discount fares. … A companion of any age can accompany the senior passenger for the same fare, provided that they travel together.

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Is WestJet cheaper than Air Canada?

Air Canada is often cheaper than Westjet. And when Halifax has been fogged in for days Air Canada can come in with two 777’s and get everyone in and out while Westjet takes days to clean up. They both work for me for different reasons.

Why are international flights cheaper than domestic?

Some international flights may be cheaper than domestic ones due to the short distance between the pair of cities in different countries, and also because domestic flights might, in smaller countries, mainly be used by high paying business travellers, while leisure travellers use road or rail domestically.

Why are flights so expensive 2021?

On account of the rise in fuel costs, the government has increased the fare limits. An increase in airfares has also been attributed to the capacity of the load factors of the passengers. A sudden increase of coronavirus cases in the second wave of the Covid pandemic showed a decrease in domestic air travel.

Why are flights to Montreal so expensive?

This is one of the major reasons why Canadian airfare is so prohibitive. In Montreal, for example, landing fees are charged at a rate of $10.29 per 1,000kg of the maximum take-off weight. Those fees are charged to the airline, which in turn charges it to the passengers as a tax.