Your question: Are there bears in Goderich Ontario?

Are there bears in Huron County?

Bears that come into a populated area aren’t always a threat to public safety, Huron County OPP and the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines Natural Resources and Forestry said in a statement on Tuesday. The public should be aware that safety is at risk when a bear exhibits threatening or aggressive behaviour.

Are there bears in Halton?

The Halton Regional Police Service has received reports of several bear sighting reports over the past two days in Milton. On May 12, a citizen reported a bear in the area of Guelph Line and Highway 401 in the Town of Milton. The animal was not seen any more that day.

Are grizzly bears in Ontario?

Sorry, not possible. There are no wild grizzly bears in eastern North America, they are animals of the western mountains and Pacific coast. There are black bears throughout the forested regions of Ontario, but they’re not predictable enough for tours that show them to you.

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