Your question: How did Canada contribute to the war at sea in ww1?

How did Canada contribute to the war at sea?

Canada played a major role in protecting trans-Atlantic convoys. … By war’s end, the Royal Canadian Navy, the world’s third-largest fleet, had enlisted some 100,000 men and 6500 women and operated 471 warships and smaller fighting vessels, most Canadian-built.

What was Canada’s contribution to ww1?

More than 650,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders served in this war, then called The Great War. More than 66,000 of our service members gave their lives and more than 172,000 were wounded. Their contributions and sacrifices earned Canada a separate signature on the Treaty of Versailles.

Did Canada make a significant contribution to World war I?

In providing many members of the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Naval Air Service and later the Royal Air Force, Canada made a great contribution in this field. More than 23,000 Canadian airmen served with British Forces and over 1,500 died.

How did Canada prepare for ww1?

Canada’s preoccupation before 1914 was economic growth, agriculture, mining, railways and settlement rather than war-making.

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