Your question: Why should Canada West join Confederation?

Why did Canada West join Confederation?

Canada West was settled primarily by English-speaking immigrants. The inhabitants nevertheless sought confederation with Canada East (which was populated largely by French-speaking Canadians) in order to secure the unified government needed for effective administration and commercial prosperity.

What were the advantages of Confederation in Canada West?

Confederation would create new markets, make the railway companies more profitable and help people enter the territory to settle land in the West. Confederation would allow better military protection against the Americans and others.

Why did the Province of Canada wanted to get others to join Confederation?

Main Reasons They Entered Confederation

o They also feared the U.S. would want to take over their lands. o Canada promised them financial help to build roads and services, and a railroad to transport goods and people to and from the East. power as the smallest province of Canada. to join.

Why did Canada West want representation by population?

By about 1850, the population of Canada West had grown, for the first time, to be larger than that of Canada East. … However, Cartier opposed “rep by pop”, because he believed that eventually the English-speaking population would dominate all government decision making and the Canadien (French) culture would not survive.

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What was the most important reason for confederation?

Main Reasons for Confederation

Britain wanted to become less involved in the government of their colonies, because it was very time-consuming and expensive. It was time for the colonies to become more independent.

Why should Canada East join Confederation?

They finally agreed to confederation in 1867 because Canada East would remain a territorial and governmental unit (as Quebec) in which French Canadians would have an assured electoral majority and thus be able to at least partly control their own affairs. …

Why was Confederation important to Canada?

Confederation offered Britain an honourable way to ease its economic and military burden in North America. It would also give its BNA colonies strength through unity. The Dominion of Canada wasn’t born out of revolution, or a sweeping outburst of nationalism.

Why did Canada East opposed confederation?

Antoine-Aimé Dorion, the Liberal leader in Canada East, opposed Confederation on the grounds that including the Maritime colonies would increase the financial burden on the Province of Canada, and that it could jeopardize the independence of each province. He wanted citizens with the franchise to vote on the issue.

Why Confederation was a good idea?

Confederation could offer the colonies strength through unity, an idea that gained steady support, especially in the wake of the US abrogation of the Reciprocity Treaty in 1866. In the face of dwindling external markets, Confederation could provide the colonies with the ability to sell goods to each other more easily.

What are the pros and cons of Confederation?

What Were the Pros of the Articles of Confederation?

  • It offered the first chance to experience unity. …
  • It gave the colonies a chance to go global. …
  • It allows for colonists to still experience free movement. …
  • It encouraged trade. …
  • It required complete agreement to make changes to it.
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What are the 6 reasons for confederation?

6 Reasons for Confederations

  • Political Deadlock. …
  • Words i wasnt sure about. …
  • Need for a Railway. …
  • Expansion into the West. …
  • Reciprocity Treaty. …
  • Great Britian wanted colonies to be self sufficent.