Are boards of Canada still active?

Will there be another Boards of Canada album?

Boards Of Canada have announced plans to release their first new album in eight years. The reclusive duo will put out Tomorrow’s Harvest on June 10 via Warp Records. The album will consist of 17 tracks. Scroll down for the full tracklisting.

Where do Boards of Canada live?

At present, the duo live in Scotland again, working out of the Hexagon Sun Studio.

Are boards of Canada trip hop?

Somewhere out in space, perhaps in another time, there’s another utopia built on the music of Boards of Canada. … Stacked up, BoC’s music is an odyssey of ideas and trip-hop beats, of memories and spectres. Their works are often warm, sometimes nuclear.

When did Boards of Canada come out?

The album came out in April 1998, a joint release by scene-leading Warp Records and the rising second-wave IDM label Skam.

Do Boards of Canada still make music?

Boards of Canada haven’t released any new music since their 2013 album Tomorrow’s Harvest. Yesterday, the Scottish brothers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin returned with a new two-hour mix created as part of Warp Records’ 30th anniversary takeover of NTS Radio.

How much are Boards of Canada worth?

According to, Aphex Twin net worth is $12 million, Autechre’s net worth is $6 million and that of Boards Of Canada a relatively paltry $200,000. Of course, no idea about the sources and trustworthiness of these websites so we need to take all this with a mountain of salt.

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Where is the band Boards of Canada from?

Hexagon Sun is an artistic collective based in the Pentland Hills, Scotland.