Can you join the Canadian military with bad credit?

Under the Form DAOD 5019-8A, the Canadian Armed Forces do not have the power to compel a member of the Armed Forces to repay their private debts. … People with bad credit are not prevented from joining the military, although you might be prevented from getting a Top Secret security clearance.

Can you join military with bad credit?

Enlisting in the military for many people may seem like a way to make a fresh start. … A bad credit history can affect your plans to enlist and advance in the military. If you have unpaid loans which are significantly overdue and/or in collections, you can expect to be denied enlistment until you resolve the problem.

What disqualifies you from joining Canadian military?

Some kinds of offences and sentences can bar applicants from joining or re-joining. A poor credit history or financial problems can slow the enrolment process or, if there are related legal obligations that prevent an applicant from deploying, may even disqualify them from the CAF.

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Can you join the military in debt?

The short answer is that you usually can’t join the military with debt if you can’t meet your financial obligations to pay back your debt. If you have any of these debt problems, then you will most likely have problems joining the military.

What credit score do you need to join the military?

What credit score is needed to join the military? In general, the military isn’t looking for a specific credit score when determining financial eligibility, but excessive debt or delinquent payments could be a red flag for further discussions with your recruiter.

Can you get kicked out of the military for bad credit?

Military members who repeatedly fail to make payments or honor their debts can receive various punishments up to and including being discharged. The maximum punishment is a Bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 6 months. Do your part.

What makes you ineligible to join the military?

The military doesn’t accept just anyone who wants to join. … There are age, citizenship, physical, education, height/weight, criminal record, medical, and drug history standards that can exclude you from joining the military.

What is the fitness test for the Canadian army?

The Battle Fitness Test is a fitness test designed to simulate battle conditions, which involves a 13 km march carrying a tactical vest, helmet, rucksack and service riffle. Participants carry 55 pounds of equipment, plus their own body weight. Soldiers across Canada must take and pass this annual fitness test.

How long does it take to get into Canadian military?

3 months to two years. It depends on your application, what you applied for and if your criminal record check comes back cleared early. took 6 months. The steps are applied online, then you will get a call to write the test, from there you will be told jobs that are available for you.

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Do you need Grade 12 to join the Canadian army?

What Education Do You Need? To join the Canadian Forces, you need a minimum of Secondary IV in Quebec or grade 10 education for the rest of Canada. … In the case of enlisted members of the CAF, even though a Secondary IV or grade 10 education is the minimum, that will limit the jobs you qualify for.

What happens to your bills when you join the military?

Believe it or not, your bills for your cellphone, internet, rent and car still need to be made when you’re at basic training. If you neglect any bills, they most likely will go to collections. Many jobs in the military require a secret security clearance.

Can I join the military with student loan debt?

That student loan repayment program is used as an enlistment incentive for those joining the military and is not available for commissioning officers. It has some pretty stringent requirements, and whether you qualify also depends on the type of loans you have.