Does 91 octane have ethanol Canada?

According to Dan McTeague, a noted petroleum analyst, Shell and Esso 91 are both ethanol free. … The octane rating of pure ethanol is 100, but when it’s blended with gasoline, it performs as if it’s 112. In other words, higher-octane blends — Petro Canada’s 94 and Esso’s 93 — use more ethanol, not less.

Does Canadian Tire 91 have ethanol?

Thank you for contacting our office regarding the quality of our fuel. We have up to 10% ethanol in regular and mid-grade fuel, there is no ethanol in premium fuel. This applies to all our Canadian Tire Gas Bars.

Is there ethanol in premium gas in Canada?

You can get our 94 octane premium gas at over 700 locations in Alberta and Ontario. … Yes, all of our grades of gas, including our Ultra 94 high octane fuel , contain up to 10% ethanol content. This is required by federal and provincial regulations.

Which gas in Canada has no ethanol?

Shell 91, (or V-Power 93) and most of the other brand “premium” gasolines do not have ethanol.

Does Costco 91 have ethanol?

It is a top tier gas and their premium 91 octane has no ethanol added. Regular gas is 10% ethanol by volume.

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Does Costco premium have ethanol?

Does Costco Gas Have Ethanol? According to online reports, Costco 91 unleaded gas does not have ethanol as it is a “Top Tier” gasoline.

Which gas station has the best quality gas in Canada?


This self-service gas station offers fuel with the highest octane number in Canada, the Ultra 94. The octane number only means that your fuel will burn more efficiently than ever.

Does Shell gas contain ethanol in Canada?

Shell V-Power in Canada currently does not contain any Ethanol. … Octane ratings for regular, mid-grade and premium Shell fuels across Canada are 87/89/91.

What gas has no ethanol?

Ethanol-free gas, or pure oil, is a type of fuel that can be used instead of ethanol-mixed gases. Most vehicles run just fine on a 10% mix of ethanol in their gasoline.

Does Ultramar 91 contain ethanol?

Ultramar is ethanol-free for 91 gas.

Does Chevron 91 octane have ethanol?

Chevron only uses ethanol in its oxygenated gasolines.

Does premium gas contain ethanol?

Premium gas doesn’t provide any more power or contain better additives than regular gas, and it contains the same amount of ethanol as other grades. It just resists detonation (knock) better than lower-octane gas—nothing more, nothing less. … If so, keep using 89-octane to regain some power and save your engine.