Does Canada accept Wassce?

If you’re a student from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and The Gambia interested in studying in Canada, then you can do so with a West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) result seeing it has the same pattern of the British system of education.

Can I study in Canada with WAEC?

Each year, Canadian universities welcome thousands of international students from around the globe. … For example, NECO and WAEC certificates are widely recognized and accepted in Canada and do not require extra A level qualifications for you to enrol for Undergraduate studies.

Can I use WAEC to study abroad?

Nigerian students who wish to study abroad using their WAEC results can apply to the University of Houston, but please apply early because you need to procure some official documents, and you could meet some delays if you do not act on time.

Is Wassce accepted in USA?

You can get into the university using your West African School Senior Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results and your official transcripts from junior to senior secondary school. You need to send the official copy of the documents. You must pay a non-refundable fee of $60 dollars to begin the application process.

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Can WAEC result be used outside Nigeria?

The answer is Yes! The result or certificate of the National Examination Council (NECO) can be used to gain admission into institutions abroad. … This is the core reason why a WAEC result in pertinent to every Nigerian student. It is useful even outside Nigeria.

Do Canadian universities accept WASSCE results?

The University of Manitoba

It is the first university in Western Canada which was founded in 1877. It is a research-intensive institution which also accommodates international students. Students from Nigeria and Ghana can use their WASSCE result to apply for admissions into this university.

Which university in Canada is the cheapest?

Most affordable universities in Canada

  • Memorial University of Newfoundland – tuition fees: 2,150 – 11,460 CAD/year.
  • University of Regina – tuition fees: 1,715 – 20,050 CAD/year.
  • Royal Roads University – tuition fees: 3,750 – 27,600 CAD/year.
  • University of Saskatchewan – tuition fees: 4,110 – 24,000 CAD/year.

Where is Brandon University in Canada?

Brandon University is a Canadian university located in the city of Brandon, Manitoba, with an enrollment of 3700 full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students.

Is WAEC accepted in UK?

Yes, WAEC is accepted in the UK if you want to use it for admission. Not all universities in the United Kingdom accept WASSCE for admission. Some universities like Queen Mary University accept it for only foundation programs (which is done for 1 year).

Does Oxford accept WAEC?

Oxford University

It accepts WAEC results but unfortunately, WAEC results alone would not make a competitive application for students. You will need to have any of the following qualifications to improve your chances for admission: A-levels. Access courses.

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Is Waec accepted in Germany?

A WASSCE does not allow for direct entry into a German university. The entry into a German university is only possible once the applicant has completed one year of tertiary education in Ghana or the completion of a one-year preparatory course (Studienkolleg) in Germany.

How can I get admission in Harvard University?

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting into Harvard

  1. Achieve at least a 4.22 while taking the most challenging classes available. …
  2. Aim for a 1580 SAT and 35 ACT (use the 75th percentile) …
  3. Cultivate at least one or two Tier 1-2 extracurriculars (find your “spike”) …
  4. Write engaging essays. …
  5. Ace Your Interview.

Does University of Ghana accept NECO?


Six (6) credits with aggregate 24 or better at the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WAEC/SSSCE/NECO) including English Language and Mathematics and the elective subjects relevant to the choice of programme or their equivalent.