How do I find my Toronto assessment roll number?

Homeowners can review assessment roll information through the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, by visiting:

How do I find my property roll number Ontario?

Roll Number: The 19-digit number assigned by the Assessment Commissioner to an assessable property for identification purposes. This number appears on all notices issued by MPAC and the ARB. For example, 1904-031-200-01100-0000 represents: 19 – County or Municipal District.

How do I find my property assessment number?

Once you reach the home page login/ register your account. Click on to my Tax, There you can see the tax assessment number.

How do I find my property assessment Toronto?

Assessment rolls for the current and prior taxation year are available for viewing by the public at the City Clerk’s Office, Registry Services counters at the following locations Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 4:15 p.m. For more information regarding the assessment roll please email

What is the assessment roll?

What is an assessment roll? An assessment roll is a public record containing the information about property and individual pieces of land within the taxing jurisdiction of an assessing unit. Assessment rolls determine each block’s value and help determine what to tax property owners.

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Is roll number the same as account number?

Definition. A bank account roll number is an alphanumerical customer reference number, or account number. But a roll number is not a bank account number.

How do I find my property identification number?

Finding Property Tax ID Numbers

Look on your last tax bill, the deed to your property, a title report (which may be in your closing documents) or perhaps even on the appraisal report of your property to locate the property ID number.

How do I find my assessment number?

your property number, which can be found:

  1. on your notice of valuation.
  2. on your land tax assessment (from Revenue NSW)
  3. via a property address enquiry.
  4. via a title reference enquiry.

What is an assessment number?

The parcel’s nine digit assessment number, when used to describe property, refers to the Assessor’s map book, the map page, the block on the map, if applicable, and to the individual parcel number on the map page or in the block.

What is assessment roll change?

Assessment roll changes take one of two forms. An escape assessment is an assessment of property that was not assessed or was underassessed, for any reason, on the original roll. Escape assessments are made in accordance with Revenue and Taxation Code sections 531 et seq.

What is roll value?

The Property Assessment Roll is a record of all assessable property discovered and valued in the county.

What is tax roll mean?

A tax roll is an official record of property subject to property tax within a given jurisdiction. Tax rolls, or tax assessment rolls, are usually maintained by the municipal government department to which the property taxes are owed.

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