How long can you stay in New Zealand with a Canadian passport?

Canadians can stay in New Zealand for up to 3 months with the NZeTA. The electronic travel authorisation is valid for 2 years, the expiry date can be found on the approved visa waiver. A Canadian can travel to New Zealand multiple times for up to 90 days using the same visa waiver.

Can Canadian citizen live in New Zealand?

The NZeTA is not obligatory for citizens of Canada who are moving to New Zealand or are seeking permission to work legally in the country. Instead, individuals in these situations must apply for a residence visa and/or work visa.

Can Canadian citizens work in NZ?

Canadians Can Work in New Zealand

The New Zealand Working Holiday Visa is available to Canadians between the ages of 18 and 35. … This means you can travel to New Zealand, then look for a job when you get there. Canadians can live and work in New Zealand for up to two years on the Working Holiday Visa.

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Can a retired Canadian move to New Zealand?

For those wishing to retire to New Zealand on a permanent basis, there are two possible ways to secure a visa to New Zealand. Both options require applicants to be ‘of good health and character’, to invest funds in the country and to prove they have sufficient funds to support themselves.

How long can you live in New Zealand without a visa?

United States passport holders can travel to New Zealand without a visa and stay for up to 90 days. However, American citizens must apply for an NZeTA before departure.

How can a Canadian move to New Zealand?

Apply to immigrate to Canada from New Zealand on Skilled Migration. For either an expat living in New Zealand or an New Zealand Citizen to move to Canada on Skilled Migration they must first qualify with an eligible occupation and then qualify to enter the Canadian Express Entry Pool of Candidates.

Can I move to New Zealand without a job?

This skilled migrant visa offers permanent residency to workers whose skills are in demand (on any of the shortage lists) but don’t have a job offer before arrival. You must be under 55, healthy, of good character and speak English. … For all other visa types, see

How far is New Zealand from Canada in hours?

Distance from Canada to New Zealand is 13,041 kilometers.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Canada and New Zealand is 13,041 km= 8,103 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Canada to New Zealand, It takes 14.47 hours to arrive.

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How much does it cost to move from Canada to New Zealand?

Moving to Auckland in New Zealand is the choice of many Canadians due to the high quality of life. The average cost of living in Auckland is $3400 CAD per month.

10. Cost of living in New Zealand.

Expense CAD $
Groceries $600
Entertainment (eating out & leisure) $300
Insurance $130
Other (material goods) $150

How long is the flight to New Zealand from Canada?

17 hours, 46 minutes

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Can you move to New Zealand if you are over 55?

There is no age limit for visitor, student, and partnership-based work and residence categories. Many of our work visa options are also available to applicants of all ages. There is no age limit on the Residence: Investor 1 category.

How long do you have to live in NZ to get the pension?

To be eligible for NZ Super, you need to be aged 65 or over and be a legal resident of New Zealand. You can get NZ Super even if you’re still working. You also need to have lived here for 10 years since age 20, with five of those years since you turned 50.

Can I retire at 60 in NZ?

It’s simple: You can’t retire unless you plan. … Even if you voluntarily retire before 65, by law, you’ll need to wait until you are 65 years old to access your KiwiSaver funds.