How many inches of rain did Vancouver get?

What is Vancouver Total precipitation?

Total Precipitation – Annual data for Vancouver

Year starting on Total
Jan 1 2020 1,140.4 mm
Jan 1 2019 965.7 mm
Jan 1 2018 1,343.4 mm
Jan 1 2017 1,239.3 mm

What is the rainiest city in Canada?

They found that the rainiest city in Canada is actually Prince Rupert. It has an average of 166 rainy days per year. BC is by far the rainiest province in Canada.

What is the rainiest city in BC?

Wettest Weather

Abbotsford, British Columbia tops the list with an average 1538 millimetres, about five feet, of precipitation falling annually.

How much rain did Vancouver get in December?

“The average amount of rainfall for the entire month of December in Vancouver is approximately 148.3 mm,” he explained. “In the past week alone we have already received 132 mm. That means we received almost the entire month’s worth of precipitation in just under a week.”

Why is Vancouver so Rainy?

But our rainforest is just one reason behind the amount of rainfall we see every year in Vancouver. As Wolf points out, other factors such as the tilt of the Earth’s axis, energy from the sun, and Vancouver’s location on the northeast side of the Pacific Ocean are also to thank for our rainy city.

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Does it rain more in Seattle or Vancouver BC?

Vancouver, Washington gets 42.1 inches of rain, on average, per year. Seattle, Washington gets 38 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38.1 inches of rain per year.

Where in BC gets the most rain?

Located on Vancouver Island, Henderson Lake receives more rainfall throughout the year than any other place in North America. The soggy spot receives 7296 mm of precipitation annually – over 23 feet of rainfall.

What is the sunniest city in Canada?

Although receiving nowhere near as many hours of sun as the US top sunny-destination, Calgary, Alberta tops the sunniest places in Canada and receives a respectable 2405 hours and 333 days of sunshine a year. Edmonton is also a strong sun spot with 2299 hours and 321 days of sun a year.

Does Vancouver rain a lot?

Vancouver has surprisingly mild winters compared to many other cities in Canada. … The city does receive significant amounts of rain during the winter and snowfall is not uncommon either. On average, it snows for nine days per year, but the snowfall typically doesn’t last very long.

Is Prince Rupert the rainiest city?

Prince Rupert is known as “The City of Rainbows”, as it is Canada’s wettest city, with 2,620 millimetres (103 in) of annual precipitation on average, of which 2,530 millimetres (99.6 in) is rain; in addition, 240 days per year receive at least some measurable precipitation, and there are only 1230 hours of sunshine per …

What is the warmest city in Canada?

Victoria, British Columbia

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Victoria – the capital of British Columbia – has the distinct honor of being Canada’s warmest city.