How much does a CARFAX report cost in Canada?

CarFax. CarFax is an American site, but you can also order a report anywhere in Canada to get a better sense of the true condition of the used car you’re looking at. A single CarFax report costs $34.99, but five only costs $10 more.

What does a Carfax Canada report cost?

A CARFAX report is $54.95 with a lien check or $39.95 without it. You can view a sample report here.

How much does a Carfax report cost?

A single Carfax report costs $39.99. Three will cost you $59.99, and six sell for $99.99. Despite being the most expensive service, the Carfax report is the benchmark for all other vehicle history reports.

How can I get a Carfax for free in Canada?

Check vehicle listing sites

allow dealers and private sellers to post their CARFAX Canada reports as part of their vehicle listings. You can view the report for free by clicking on the link in the listing or request that the seller send you the free vehicle history report.

Is there a Canadian version of Carfax?

CARFAX Canada is Canada’s definitive source of automotive information, delivering vehicle history, appraisal and valuation. Drawing on billions of data records from thousands of unique sources, its products enable used vehicle buyers and sellers to make informed decisions.

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How can I get a free vehicle history report?

Ways to Get a Free Carfax Report

  1. Shop at the Carfax used car listing site where every car listed comes with a free vehicle history.
  2. Visit online car listing sites like and AutoTrader which may offer free Carfax for some used cars.
  3. Visit the dealer’s website and look for links to Carfax histories.

Why is Carfax so expensive?

You should also be able to see where the car was fixed and what was done to make the repairs. Overall, the level of detail that Carfax provides is a major reason it is so expensive. The pricing helps to ensure that the information is accurate, detailed, and clearly presented to those who need it the most.

Do you have to pay for Carfax?

You may want to buy a CARFAX Report or ask the dealer for one. A free CARFAX report is also available through many dealer websites. … If a link is unavailable, contact the dealer and ask them for the CARFAX Report. Free CARFAX Reports are available at many car dealerships in your area.

Are Carfax prices accurate?

CARFAX Helps Used-Car Buyers Get The Most Accurate Price Based On A Vehicle’s Accident History.

Is there a free alternative to CARFAX?

Companies like and AutoCheck also supply vehicle history information. … promotes its vehicle history reports as no-cost alternatives to reports from Carfax and its competitors. AutoCheck offers only a free two- or three-digit vehicle history score, which grades a car’s history.

Do insurance companies report to CARFAX?

Yes. Some insurance companies report total loss information to CARFAX.

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Is AutoCheck as good as CARFAX?

The most significant difference between AutoCheck and CarFax is that AutoCheck is far better at tracking auction cars, while CarFax is known for not being able to effectively track cars at auctions. This obstacle makes CarFax much less useful since many used cars have been auctioned off at some point in their history.