How much is it to get your license back after suspension in Ontario?

You can pay your $281 reinstatement fee online or in person at a ServiceOntario centre.

How do I get my license back after 30 day suspension Ontario?

To reinstate the licence the fine can be paid at any traffic court in Ontario. The court will advise the driver that it will take up to four (4) days for the licence to be re-instated. The driver must then attend in person at any Service Canada office and pay a reinstatement fee.

How do you get your license back after suspension?

Once your license is due to be restored from a suspension you must following the restoration procedures. All requests for restoration with the DMV must be handled online, or by mail. In order to get your license reinstated after the designated time of the suspension is complete, you must pay a $175 restoration fee.

How long does a suspension stay on your record Ontario?

How Long does a Suspended License Stay on your Record in Ontario? A driver’s license suspension in Ontario is documented on your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) for three years. Once the driver’s license suspension is off your motor vehicle record you still need to disclose the suspension to your insurance broker.

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How do I get my license back after medical suspension Ontario?

If you meet the medical standards, your licence will be reinstated as long as there are no other outstanding suspensions or requirements. You will receive a reinstatement notice in the mail.

How do I pay my license reinstatement fee?

Reinstatement fees can be paid online through the license eligibility webpage. This is the quickest, most convenient way to submit your payment, with processing taking approximately 24-48 hours.

What happens if you get caught driving with a suspended license in Ontario?

If you are caught driving while your licence is suspended for a Criminal Code offence, the vehicle you are driving will be impounded for a minimum of 45 days.