How much is overnight parking at Ontario Airport?

How much does it cost to park at Ontario airport for a week?

ONTARIO AIRPORT LONG TERM PARKING FROM $9.95 PER DAY OR $69.65 PER WEEK. Quickly find discounted parking using our safe reservation system! Check out the best parking deals and offers, pick the one that suits all your needs, and make a parking reservation now.

Where do you park when flying out of Ontario?

Off Airport Parking

For off-airport parking there are only two options: The Park n Fly and Sunrise Parking. Ontario Park n Fly. The Park n Fly Ontario Airport is located on the corner of Jurupa and Haven. It’s $9.95/day and they offer a free shuttle.

Do you have to reserve parking at Ontario airport?

The airport parking office is open 24 hours a day. Can I make a reservation today to park at the airport today? Yes. Reservations can be made up to 2 hours prior to your arrival time.

Is Uber allowed in Ontario Airport?

Effective September 13, 2019 Uber no longer operates at ONT

Ontario International Airport (ONT) recently imposed the highest rideshare fees in the nation for an airport of its size and as a result, we have made the decision to cease operations at the airport.

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How much does it cost to leave your car at MCO airport?

Parking Rates

Parking Options Daily Rate
Parking Garage A & B $19
Terminal Top Parking $19
Valet Parking $28.76
Hotel Guest Parking – Self $12

How do you get free parking at the airport?


  1. Sign-up for Chase Sapphire or Citi Premier Credit Card. …
  2. Sign-up for a non-travel Rewards Card. …
  3. Volunteer to write a review on a parking lot. …
  4. Maybe you can’t park for free, but you can get a free car wash or detail.

How do you pay at Park N Fly?

Payment is made at the counter in the Valet building or directly on the Park’N Fly app with your reservation. Your car will be ready for your return inside the building. To exit the facility, scan your reservation and exit the lot.