How often do you need an etest in Ontario?

Vehicles on the road that are over seven years old, and weigh 4,500 kilograms or less, require a Drive Clean test every two years to renew their registration.

Do you need an etest in Ontario?

Overview. Since April 1, 2019, Ontario drivers are no longer required to get Drive Clean emissions tests for their light passenger vehicles, however emissions standards still apply to all vehicles.

How long is the validity of emission test?

Question: How long is the car emission test validity? Answer: One year. The LTO requires an emission test every time you register it.

Do you still need a Drive Clean test in Ontario?

As many of you may know, Ontario has decided to end its Drive Clean auto emissions passenger vehicle program. Effective April 1, 2019, drivers in the province are no longer required to submit their passenger vehicle for an emissions test.

What year vehicles need emissions in Ontario 2019?

Beginning April 1, 2019 passenger vehicles that are seven years and older will no longer need to get an emissions test. If you drive a vehicle that’s seven years or older, effective April 1, 2019 you will no longer be required to get a Drive Clean emissions test to renew your registration and licence plate.

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How much is emission test in Ontario?

As a result, the Government of Ontario reduced the price of emissions testing from $35 CAD to $30 CAD.

How often are emission tests required?

Q: How often will my vehicle need to be tested? A: Depending on the vehicle’s year and weight, emissions test frequency can vary from 1 to 2 years. Vehicles 1981 and newer that are light duty vehicles (not diesel) will require emissions every 2 years.

Should I always bring original or CR?

What if I lost my OR/CR? If it isn’t obvious by now, you should always keep a copy of your car’s OR/CR in your car. … For one thing, you car won’t be allowed on public roads using the said car, since you won’t have documentary proof that the car can be legally driven. You also won’t be able to renew its registration.

Is emissions and inspection the same thing?

One is a state safety inspection that looks at a vehicle’s systems from a practical safety standpoint. The other is emissions testing that assesses the exhaust system and other components of vehicle’s emissions systems to make sure they’re in correct working order.

Why was the Drive Clean program Cancelled?

“Our government is standing up for the people by making life easier, not harder for Ontario drivers,” said Premier Doug Ford. “We’re focused on keeping money in people’s pockets, not taking it away. We ended the Drive Clean program for passenger vehicles to save Ontario drivers time and money.”

What year truck does not need emissions?

Your vehicle does not need a smog inspection if your:

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Gasoline-powered vehicle is a 1975 year model or older (This includes motorcycles and trailers.) Diesel-powered vehicle is a 1997 and older year model OR with a Gross Vehicle Weight of more than 14,000 pounds.