Is Canadian Tire Bank for real?

*Conditions Apply. Canadian Tire Financial is the banking arm of the Canadian Tire corporation. It’s a financial institution that offers online banking solutions, high insterst savings accounts, tax-free savings accounts as well as GICs to make your money grow.

Is Canadian Tire Bank a real bank?

Canadian Tire Services Ltd.

(CTSL), doing business as Canadian Tire Bank (French: Banque Canadian Tire), is the financial services subsidiary of the Canadian Tire retail chain. The bank is based in Oakville, Ontario, and has additional business operations in St. Catharines and Welland (which are also in Ontario).

Is Canadian Tire Bank Safe?

While Its primary purpose is to market the Triangle™ credit cards, Canadian Tire Bank also provides other banking products such as high interest savings account, GICs and TFSA. The bank is CDIC insured so you can be rest assured that your money has one of the best protection available to deposits in Canada.

How does Canadian Tire Bank make money?

CT Money is collected on the pre-tax amount of the purchase at Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Atmosphere, Mark’s and Sports Experts. ▲1.5% earn rate applies to the first $12,000 in annual spend at grocery stores with Mastercard merchant code 5411.

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Is Canadian Tire Bank Insured?

Canadian Tire Bank, a CDIC insured deposit institution, offers a competitive high interest savings account, with a rate that makes it worthy of inclusion on our recommended list.

What bank does Canadian Tire use?

As the financial services arm of Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited, Canadian Tire Bank (CTB) is primarily engaged in marketing the Triangle™ credit card portfolio and currently has four million cardmembers. In addition to this, CTB provides High Interest Savings Accounts, GICs and Tax Free Savings accounts.

Can you still use Canadian Tire Money?

Paper Canadian Tire Money is still available for Cash / Debit purchases at Canadian Tire retail stores and Gas+/Essence+ sites outside of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia for non ‘My Canadian Tire Money Members’ or when proof of membership is not presented.

How good is EQ Bank?

People may be worried that EQ Bank is not safe because it is 100% online. There is no branch, no satellite shops, no ATMs. However, rest assured, your money is safe. All your Canadian dollar deposits made to EQ Bank (up to $100,000) are protected automatically with deposit insurance.

How do I open a Canadian Tire bank account?

There are two ways to apply for a new account:

  1. Simply click here to go directly to the ‘Apply Now’ page and apply for a product online. If you prefer, you can download a form from this page and mail it back.
  2. Apply over the telephone by calling 1-866-681-2837.

Can I use my Canadian Tire points online?

You can redeem your Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards points in store or when shopping at Mark’s, SportChek, or Canadian Tire online.

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