Is Canadian Tire Gas top tier?

All Canadian Tire gasoline is provided by major oil companies whose products meet or exceed all government standards for motor fuel. Canadian Tire buys and sells fuels from main Canadian refiners but does not have a ‘Top Tier’ designation at this time.

What is top tier gasoline Canada?

TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline (TTDG) is a new class of fuel that helps keep engines cleaner for optimal fuel economy, improved engine performance and lower emissions. … It is based on a fuel performance standard developed by BMW, GM, Honda and Toyota.

Which gas company has the best gas in Canada?

in my opinion the best premium gas in canada is SHELL V-POWER PREMIUM . its 91 octane and that is all i run in my mustang GT. i find that also in my ram pick up with the hemi i get better performance and economy. i run 89 octane in it as that is what the owners man recommends.

What fuel does Canadian Tire use?

Canadian Tire does not refine its own gas. It buys it off contract from either Shell, Sunoco or Imperial, just like almost all other gas stations in southern Ontario. If you’re using 91 why not just stick with Shell or Costco, it’s the only two I use.

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What are considered top tier gas stations?

According to the website operated by the TOP TIER licensing program, brands that manufacture gasoline to TOP TIER specs include Amoco, BP, Chevron, Citgo, Costco, Exxon, Marathon, Mobil, Shell, Sunoco, Texaco and Valero.

Is Costco gas Top Tier gasoline?

Costco is listed as a TOP TIER™ gasoline retailer. Find out more at Kirkland Signature™ Gasoline contains five times the EPA detergent requirement in both regular unleaded and premium grades, and is formulated to clean your engine and help your vehicle run like new.

What gas station has the best quality gas?

The following gas stations have the best quality gas:

  • Shell.
  • Costco.
  • Mobil.
  • Chevron.
  • Sinclair.

Is Costco premium gas good?

Costco’s gas may often be the cheapest in town, but it’s still high-quality. … It doesn’t matter whether you buy regular or premium grades of fuel, you’re always getting Top Tier gas at Costco. Costco’s regular and premium fuel meets Top Tier standards. Costco isn’t the only Top Tier gasoline retailer around.

Is Canadian Tire 91 gas ethanol free?

Shell 91, (or V-Power 93) and most of the other brand “premium” gasolines do not have ethanol. The Canadian regulation requires 10% ethanol average in its fuel, by volume sold. So your lowest tier (usually 87 octane) will have 10% to 15% ethanol in it.

Does Costco premium gas have ethanol?

In response to your email, please note that our buying team has advised us that there is no ethanol in any premium gasoline sold at Costco gas stations.

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Where does Canadian Tire buy their gas?

It all comes from the same refinery. There’s only a handful in Ontario. It’s a very volatile business. Only if you’re part of an integrated company will the swings be offset.

Is Husky owned by Canadian Tire?

Find a Husky station

The Triangle Rewards Program is owned and operated by Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited.

Can I use my Canadian Tire Gas Advantage Mastercard anywhere?

The more you spend on the card, the higher your discount. So if you want to save more next month, just use the card more this month* – when you dine out, buy groceries or even pay your bills. Use the Gas Advantage Mastercard everywhere and let your everyday purchases drive down how much you pay for gas.