Is Clareview Edmonton safe?

There is virtually no crime in this area.

What are the bad areas of Edmonton?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Edmonton, AB

  • Blackmud Creek Ravine. Population 118. …
  • Yellowhead Corridor – East. Population 116. …
  • Maple Ridge. Population 2,014. …
  • McCauley. Population 4,700. …
  • Boyle Street. Population 8,019. …
  • Central McDougall. Population 5,305. …
  • Westview Village. Population 2,523. …
  • Winterburn Industrial Area West.

What part of Edmonton is safe?

The south and southwestern neighbourhoods in Edmonton are often identified as some of the most desirable. Areas such as Haddow, Henderson Estates and Ogilvie Ridge have comparatively low crime rates and high affluence. Generally speaking, the city’s southside tends to be very family-friendly and comparatively safe.

Is Capilano Edmonton safe?

Extremely safe. Night or day, it’s a very safe place.

Is Summerside Edmonton a good place to live?

Summerside is basically the perfect family neighbourhood. The housing options are plentiful and beautiful. The area is safe. … With the area full of other families, it’s also easy to make new friends!

Is Leduc a safe place to live?

Families feel safe in Leduc. In a poll conducted in 2016 by the local paper, 54% of citizens said they felt safe and 40% of those people believed it was safer in Leduc than it was in Edmonton. In a 2017 poll taken by Qualico Communities, residents were asked to identify some of the treasures of living in Leduc.

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Is millwoods a bad area?

Many areas of Millwoods a completely safe and wonderfull. Remember Millwoods takes into account a very large portion of the city. It is like any other area – there are a few streets you should stear clear of and the rest is good. Saying all Millwoods is bad is like saying all of north edmonton is poor and run down.

Is Montrose Edmonton safe?

Montrose sees a higher rate of crime in the neighbourhood than the average Edmonton community. Edmonton police statistics show most of reported crime in the area is theft from vehicles and other property crimes.

Is Oliver Edmonton safe?

According to “neighbourhood indicators” compiled by the City of Edmonton Community Services, Oliver doesn’t measure up well in several key areas. For example, the 2010 numbers reveal that Oliver had 715 dwellings in need of major repair compared to the city neighbourhood average of 76.

Is millwoods safe?

“I would say that Mill Woods has always been a safe place to live. When you look at the stats, crime in Mill Woods has never been high compared to other parts of the city.” Berezinski said the southeast police station is one of the city’s busiest. More than 160 officers work out of that station.