Is crime bad in Edmonton?

Violent crime in Edmonton is quite low overall, and as is so often the case occurs overwhelmingly between people who know each other.

Does Edmonton have alot of crime?

Source: The Edmonton, AB data and statistics displayed above are derived from Statistics Canada 2019.

Cities with similar population.

City Edmonton, AB
Population 1,053,392
Violent crime/100kpeople 1,228
Property crime/100kpeople 5,144
Total crime/100kpeople 6,372

Where is the most crime in Edmonton?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Edmonton, AB

  • Maple Ridge. Population 2,014. …
  • McCauley. Population 4,700. …
  • Boyle Street. Population 8,019. …
  • Central McDougall. Population 5,305. …
  • Westview Village. Population 2,523. …
  • Winterburn Industrial Area West. Population 2,644. 44 % …
  • Eastwood. Population 4,591. 41 % …
  • Abbottsfield. Population 1,808. 41 %

Is Edmonton a safe place?

Edmonton is enough safe place to visit. The index of crime is moderate to low here. And, compared to other North American cities, the town is safer. Pick-pocketing and scams are almost non-existent in the city.

How much crime does Edmonton have?

Crime rates in Edmonton, Canada

Level of crime 50.25 Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs 58.27 Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 56.54 Moderate
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 41.91 Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery 31.63 Low
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Is Edmonton a good place to live?

Residents of Edmonton enjoy the highest average household income in Canada with an affordable cost of living. Taxes are lower, and there is no provincial sales tax (PST). On average, Edmontonians have more disposable income than most other Canadians. Edmonton also has the lowest gasoline and diesel prices in Canada.

What part of Edmonton is safe?

The south and southwestern neighbourhoods in Edmonton are often identified as some of the most desirable. Areas such as Haddow, Henderson Estates and Ogilvie Ridge have comparatively low crime rates and high affluence. Generally speaking, the city’s southside tends to be very family-friendly and comparatively safe.

Is Londonderry Edmonton safe?

While most of the Londonderry area is considered a safe place to live, the neighbourhoods that make up its eastern side are known for their higher crime rates, specifically the neighbourhood of Belvedere.

Is Edmonton safe for girls?

Edmonton is the second city to join a United Nations initiative to make cities safer for women.

Is Edmonton better than Calgary?

Although Edmonton was recently ranked as the 60th best city in the world to live in, Calgary has been named 5th most livable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit. … Good job opportunities exist in both cities; Edmonton has more blue-collar jobs while Calgary has more white-collar jobs.