Is Japan Post still shipping to Canada?

November 12, 2021: Unfortunately, Japan Post still has no shipping options to Canada. October 15, 2021: Japan Post no longer provides airmail service to United Arab Emirates, Italy and Israel.

Is Japan Post still shipping?

A phone call with Japan Post confirmed that Japan Post has temporarily stopped sending mail to 153 countries. However, Japan Post will still receive and deliver any mail sent from those countries to Japan. It seems the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is starting to affect Japan’s national postal service.

Can Japan ship to America right now?

April 23rd, 2020: All mail to the United States has been temporarily suspended by the Japan Post. We’re unable to ship any unshipped orders to the United States at the moment.

Why is Japan Post suspended?

According to Japan Post, this suspension is caused by measures such as the suspension of international mail, conducted due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and because of the substantial reduction in flight frequencies and cancellations of flights between Japan and certain countries.

How long is shipping from Japan to Canada?

International mail days list・Tokyo International Post Office

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Area Country/Area name Average number of days
SAL parcels
North America Canada About 2 weeks
United States of America About 2 weeks
Mexico 2 to 3 weeks

Why is Japan not shipping to Canada?

May 13, 2021: Japan Post announces resumption of EMS (Express Mail Service to the United States effective June 1, 2021. … November 27, 2020: JP Post can no longer provide “Airmail” service to Canada due to coronavirus restrictions and lack of available flights from Japan. Only “Surface” shipping is now available.

Is Canada Post accepting international parcels?

Postal services have been suspended to some international destinations due to the lack of available transportation or at the request of the receiving postal operator. The tables below indicate the following: Service available: Canada Post is still accepting letters and parcels for these destinations.

Is Japan Post reliable?

The postal service in Japan (Japan Post) is fast, reliable and relatively cheap.

How long is standard shipping from Japan to USA?

Taking these points into consideration, the actual shipping time from pickup in Japan to arrival at the port of Los Angeles, California would be about 20 to 28 days, provided that all documents are in order and that there is no problem with the customs clearance.

How fast is Japan Post?

It takes approximately 6 to 13 days for mail to arrive at the destination. In some cases, it may take longer due to the handling system of the destination country.

Is Japan accepting mail from us 2021?

Japan Post has announced that they will resume EMS (Express Mail Service) to the USA starting on June 1, 2021. As we saw earlier this month with Airmail rate increases, the new rates for EMS will also be higher than pre-pandemic. EMS should take about a week to arrive and will have tracking capability.

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How do I contact Japan Post?

As for the request for collection, please call the exclusive dial 0800-0800-111 (toll-free from both land line and mobile phone), and by pushing the seven digits of zip code, you will be directed to the post office in charge.

Is EMS still suspended?

UPDATE JULY 30 2021: Starting July 30, EMS and ePacket have resumed service to the Emirates and Israel. UPDATE OCT 15 2021: ePacket and EMS are now suspended to Israel, Italy, and the UAE.