Is there a communauto in Toronto?

Our Services. In Ontario, Communauto offers two distinct services: the one-way FLEX service, available only in Toronto, which does not require a reservation, and the the round-trip reservation service, available everywhere.

How many Communauto cars are there in Toronto?

With a fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles, the company serves 13 cities each one with a local approach.

Can I use Communauto in other cities?

Only one transit card can be linked to your account. Once entered, it can be used to access vehicles in all cities in Quebec and Ontario, except Toronto. See “How do I use Communauto in other provinces and countries?”

What is the flex zone Communauto?

FLEX Zone: the designated geographical area where it is possible to start a trip and to return a FLEX vehicle. FLEX Drop-Off Point: designated street or off-street location generally, but not exclusively, located outside the FLEX Zone, where it is also possible to start and end a trip with a FLEX vehicle.

How do you get into a Communauto car?

How does it work?

  1. Find and reserve a vehicle through the app.
  2. Access the vehicle on the street or at a station.
  3. Drive! Run some errands, go for a trip or enjoy an afternoon outside the city.
  4. Bring your Communauto back to its initial spot or your FLEX inside the service area.
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What cars does Communauto use?

Our fleet includes Toyota Corolla, Prius C, Yaris, Nissan NV200 mini Cargo and Toyota Rav4. All of our vehicles are equipped with an automatic transmission and have winter tires from December to April (and all-season tires the rest of the year). All of our vehicles are non-smoking and pet-friendly.

Does Toronto have car sharing?

Toronto Car Sharing

Enterprise CarShare has a variety of vehicles, located all over the city and in your building. Rent by the hour or by the day at low rates with fuel and physical damage & liability protection included!

How do you lock a Communauto car?

the vehicle

Keep the car key with you during temporary stops, as usual, and use the car key to lock and unlock the doors. Keep the car key with you during temporary stops and use the car key to lock or unlock the doors.

Where can I leave Communauto?

Most on-street parking in the FLEX Zone is allowed—including in your neighbourhood, Park Plus, and in time-limited and residential parking zones. Hitting up a park in the FLEX Zone? Amazing! Don’t end your trip here as there is no overnight parking allowed.

How do you pay Communauto?

Communauto accepts payment through preauthorized withdrawal from VISA or MasterCard or out of your chequing account. If you do not have a credit card and wish to apply, we will need to book an appointment with you to come in to pay your joining fees in person.

Where can I park Communauto Calgary?

Most on-street parking in the FLEX Zone is allowed—including in your neighbourhood, ePark( Edmonton), Park Plus (Calgary), and in time-limited and residential parking zones.

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How do I report damage to Communauto?

Communauto can hold a Member responsible for any vehicle damage that is not reported before departure. It is possible to speak to an Agent at any time (24/7) by dialling the customer service number.

How do I cancel my Communauto membership?

After this duration, a Member may terminate its membership with Communauto and the Transit Corporation for any reason by giving a written notice. Communauto must receive it no later than the third (3rd) day of the month preceding the termination.

Is there a Communauto in Calgary?

Calgary will finally have a carsharing service again, after nearly a year without. The Montreal-based carsharing service Communauto will officially launch in the city this weekend, operating on an app-based access system in select downtown neighbourhoods. Communauto Flex has been testing in Calgary for three weeks.

How do you unlock the Communauto car app?

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Block or reserve a vehicle via the app, as usual.
  2. When you’re ready to start your FLEX trip, tap the “Unlock” option at the top of the screen. …
  3. If you are close enough, the doors will unlock automatically.
  4. If you are further away, a validation request will appear on screen. …
  5. Go!