What climate zone is Vancouver Island?

This places it in hardiness zone 8a in the new map released by Agriculture Canada (but zone 8b in the old hardiness map from 1967). Due to the proximity of the ocean and mountains, there are many microclimates on Vancouver Island with remarkable differences in rainfall, wind and temperature.

What plant zone is Vancouver Island?

British Columbia/Colombie Britannique

1961-1990 zone 1981-2010 hardiness index
North Cowichan 8a 83
North Saanich 8a 85
North Vancouver 7b 84
North Vancouver 8a 90

What climate zone is Nanaimo BC?

Nanaimo falls into the zone 6 category of gardening—allowing you to grow a great variety of plants. Many parts of zone 6 have a range of temperatures that will allow both cold-weather and warm-weather plants to flourish.

What zone is central Vancouver Island?

Surprisingly, Vancouver shares its Zone 7 to 8 rating with northern Texas. Here is our Plant Zone Finder for Canada. The figures below offer a general guide to determining Plant Hardiness Zones.

What zone is Victoria for gardening?

Zone 2 the tablelands of south east Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and the uplands of central Tasmania. Much of the southern half of the continent is in Zone 3, except for localities on or near the coast.

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What temperature zone is Vancouver BC?

List of Plant Hardiness Zones for Cities and Towns in British Columbia

Location Hardiness Zone
North Delta Zone 8b: 15°F to 20°F
North Saanich Zone 9a: 20°F to 25°F
North Vancouver Zone 8b: 15°F to 20°F
Oak Bay Zone 9b: 25°F to 20°F

What is hardiness zone 8b?

Zone 8b means that the average minimum winter temperature is 15 to 20 °F. … When you purchase a plant that is described as “hardy to zone 8”, it means that the plant can withstand a range of minimum temperatures (zone 8a and 8b) from 10 °F to 20 °F .

What zone is Prince George BC?

British Columbia/Colombie Britannique

1961-1990 zone 1981-2010 zone
Prince George 4a 5a
Prince Rupert 6b 7b
Princeton 5b 6a
Pritchard 5b 6b

What is hardiness zone 5a?

Zone 5: The minimum average range of temperatures is -10° to -20°F. Zone 5a: This subzone has a minimum average temperature of -15° to -20° F. Zone 5b: This subzone has a minimum average temperature of -10° to -15°F.

What growing zone is Osoyoos BC?

The USDA places Osoyoos in Plant Hardiness Zone 7a.

What is considered mid Island on Vancouver Island?

Nanaimo. Nanaimo is the epicenter of Mid Vancouver Island – an urban centre only second to Victoria, and fourth in all of BC. Getting its name from the Snuneymuxw First Nation, our city is rich in heritage and culture, and is called home by half of the region’s population.

What is considered northern Vancouver Island?

These regional districts include the towns of Campbell River, Comox, Courtenay, Port Alice, Port McNeill, Port Hardy, Alert Bay, Quadra Island, Denman Island and Hornby Island.

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What region is Vancouver Island in?

Vancouver Island

Location North Pacific Ocean, on the coast of southern British Columbia
Coordinates 49°38′N 125°42′WCoordinates: 49°38′N 125°42′W
Area 31,285 km2 (12,079 sq mi)
Area rank 11th largest in Canada 43rd largest worldwide