What line of latitude is Vancouver Canada?

What parallel is Vancouver Canada on?

But for the majority of Canadians, the 49th parallel is a northern border. Most of our population lives well below it, would have to drive north to reach it. Only three provincial capitals sit above it. (Victoria dangles below at the southern tip of Vancouver Island by design, not accident.

What line of latitude is Canada on?

Canada is located on the geographic coordinates of 62.2270° N latitude and 105.3809° W longitude in North America.

What line of latitude is Victoria BC?

The latitude of Victoria, BC, Canada is 48.407326, and the longitude is -123.329773. Victoria, BC, Canada is located at Canada country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 48° 24′ 26.3736” N and 123° 19′ 47.1828” W.

What is the longitude of the border between BC and Alberta?

The 120th meridian defines part of the border between British Columbia and Alberta in Canada, and approximately defines part of the border between California and Nevada in the United States.

Is Vancouver below the 49th parallel?

Canada is often portrayed as being north of the 49th parallel, writes Keith Morrison of Vancouver. However, only the residents of the three prairie provinces live entirely north of the 49th. So what percentage of Canadians lives south of the 49th?

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Is Vancouver above the 49th parallel?

Although parts of Vancouver Island and parts of Eastern Canada are south of the 49th parallel, and parts of the United States (Alaska, Northwest Angle) are north of it, the term 49th parallel is sometimes used metonymically to refer to the entire Canada-U.S. border.

What latitude is Helsinki?

60.1699° N, 24.9384° E
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