What makes Ontario wine industry stand out?

What make the Ontario wine industry stand out?

This perception results from a variety of factors, including: • An unstable, and occasionally hostile, climate that increases operating costs; • Relatively little space available for growing grapes, which makes it difficult to create economies of scale; • Superior ability of “low-cost” wine producing regions, such as …

Why is the wine industry attractive?

In particular, the growing popularity of wine consumption, increasing consumption and production, increasing competitiveness, introduction of new technical innovations and introduction of innovative changes in production, storage and sales, are aspects that have a positive impact on the attractiveness of the sector.

What type of wine is Ontario known for?

The best wines to try here are the famous Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling varieties. Leaning Post Wines – Leaning Post is a terroir-driven winery that focuses on small-scale, artisanal winemaking in unique plots of land across the Niagara region. Wines to try here include Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah.

Does Ontario make good wine?

Great wine regions across the country are just a short flight away for many Americans, offering hundreds o f exceptional new wines to discover. Ontario is the largest wine producer in Canada and within the province, Niagara is the most diverse viticultural area, known for producing the highest quality wines.

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How much wine is produced in Ontario?

Ontario is the world’s largest producer of ice wine, with wineries in Ontario producing approximately 800,000 litres (210,000 US gal) of ice wine in 2016; As of 2019, the province accounts for approximately 90 per cent of Canada’s annual ice wine production.

Why is Niagara so good for wine?

It is ideal for cool climate winemaking as a result of its warm summers and cool winters. Avoided, are extreme temperatures, due to the presence of the Great Lakes situated in the area. The Niagara Escarpment, that is a limestone ridge, contributes to the terroir of the Region.

Is the premium wine segment an attractive market?

While the premium wine segment bears attractive growth, the focus on factors such as brand positioning and DTC sales is critical. 1.1 While continually increasing demand for wine indicates an attractive market, growth occurs in the premium segment.

Why is wine made in Ontario?

Extending between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to the East and Lake Huron to the West is where Ontario wine producers grow their grapes. The fertile soils and moderate climate combine to produce orchards and vineyards yielding fruits of unique character and supreme quality. The word Ontario means sparkling water.

What is Ontario’s largest wine producing region?

Without a doubt, the most popular of Ontario’s wine regions is the Niagara Peninsula. Not only is Niagara home to Canada’s largest and most established vineyards, but the region is made up of two separate wine-growing regions, Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Niagara Bench.

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What was the first winery in Ontario?

Ontario’s first commercial winery, Vin Villa Winery, was founded in 1866 on Pelee Island.