What percent of songs on Canadian radio must be Canadian?

– All radio stations must ensure that 35 percent of the music they air each week is Canadian. In addition: – Commercial radio stations must ensure that 35 percent of the music they air between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, is Canadian.

What percentage of music played on Canadian radio stations should have Canadian content?

The rules specified that 30 per cent of songs on radio station playlists must be Canadian if a radio station wanted a licence to operate in Canada.

What is the percentage of Canadian music that CBC must play?

The new requirements demand 60 per cent Canadian programs on television, and 30 per cent Canadian music on AM radio. They apply to the full day of broadcasting and include strict rules about commercial interruptions. As Juneau explains in this press conference, “Canadian broadcasting should be Canadian.”

What percentage of Canadian programming has to be Canadian content every hour?

During ethnic programming periods, each ethnic radio station must devote at least 7% of all its broadcast music to Canadian content.

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What are the four elements used to qualify a song as Canadian?

Within these regulations, four elements are used to qualify songs as being Canadian: Music, Artist, Performance and Lyrics (MAPL). The MAPL system is designed primarily to increase exposure of Canadian musical performers, lyricists and composers to Canadian audiences.

What is the Canadian content requirement for popular music on the radio per week?

In 1990, the Commission confirmed that all popular music stations, whether AM or FM, would have to meet a Canadian content quota of 30%. In 1998, the Commission increased the quota for popular music from 30% to 35%, with the new minimum applying to both the 18-hour broadcast day and from 6am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

What does Cancon mean?

or Cancon (ˈkænˌkɒn) a. television programmes, music, literature, etc produced in Canada or by Canadians, esp as measured against Canadian broadcasting requirements.

How do they decide what qualifies as Canadian music?

The musical selection was performed live or recorded after September 1, 1991, and, in addition to meeting the criterion for either artist or production, a Canadian who has collaborated with a non-Canadian receives at least half of the credit for both music and lyrics.

What makes a song CanCon?

To qualify as CanCon a musical selection must generally fulfill at least two of the following conditions: M (music): The music is composed entirely by a Canadian. A (artist): The music is, or the lyrics are, performed principally by a Canadian. … L (lyrics): The lyrics are written entirely by a Canadian.

Why is Hockey Canada’s game?

The early versions of the game were based on rugby as it was primarily British immigrants who settled the country. This early version didn’t even allow the puck to be passed forward. A few years later, an event in Montreal solidified hockey as a sport.

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What year did Canada become a country?

The British Parliament passed the British North America Act in 1867. The Dominion of Canada was officially born on July 1, 1867. Until 1982, July 1 was celebrated as “Dominion Day” to commemorate the day that Canada became a self-governing Dominion.

What is the Canadian version of the FCC?

In the U.S., the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the governing body for wireless devices. Canada has a similar regulating body called Industry Canada (IC). Companies must register with the appropriate body. FCC registration is a two-step process.

Who is involved in making Canadian music?

Indigenous Peoples, the Irish, British, and the French have all made unique contributions to the musical heritage of Canada. The music has also subsequently been influenced by American culture because of the proximity between the two countries.