What percentage of Canadian teens use Instagram?

What percentage of Canada is on Instagram?

There were 12 740 000 Instagram users in Canada in January 2020, which accounted for 33.4% of its entire population.

What percentage of teenagers use social media in Canada?

Today, social media use is prevalent across age groups, regularly used by about 9 in 10 Canadians aged 15 to 34 and by about 8 in 10 of those aged 35 to 49.

How many teenage users are on Instagram?

More than 40% of Instagram’s users are 22 years old and younger, and about 22 million teens log onto Instagram in the U.S. each day, compared with five million teens logging onto Facebook, where young users have been shrinking for a decade, the materials show.

What age group uses Instagram the most 2020?

Instagram User Demographics

Nearly two-thirds of Instagram users are aged between 18 – 29. 18 – 34 year olds are the most active age group. It’s predicted in 2020 that Instagram will see a 5.4% increase in American users and reach 112.5M, and 117.2M in 2021. 88% of Instagram users live outside of America.

What age group uses Instagram the most?

59% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram and 33% of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 use Instagram. According to one study, 17% of teenagers say that Instagram is the most important social media platform to them and 90% of users are under 35 years old.

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How many people in Canada use social media 2020?

In 2021, there were approximately 31.76 million social network users in Canada, and this figure is projected to grow to 38.18 million users in 2023.

Number of social network users in Canada from 2017 to 2026 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of users in millions
2021 31.76
2020 25.35
2019 25
2018 24.6

What ages use social media the most Canada?

Distribution of social media users in Canada as of January 2021, by age group and gender

Characteristic Female Male
35-44 10% 9.2%
45-54 8.1% 6.5%
55-64 7.3% 5.4%
65+ 6.9% 4.6%

How Gen Z uses Instagram?

The striking short-form viral videos and images of Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok continue to climb in popularity with Gen Z. According to a Pew Research Center study, about 71% of 18- to 29-year-olds say they use Instagram, compared to 65% for Snapchat and about 48% who use TikTok.