What temperature should a water heater be set at Canada?

Follow these tips for safe hot water temperature: Set the temperature of your water heater to 49°C (120°F) to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria such as Legionella.

What is the ideal temperature for domestic hot water Canada?

In most Canadian homes, hot water heaters are set at 60 C (140°F). For many years that temperature has been the standard.

What temperature is recommended for your normal water heater setting?

120 degrees Fahrenheit is the safety recommendation against scalding, but 140° is the common default setting. Most experts agree that anything below 120 degrees creates a risk for bacteria to develop inside your water heater from stagnant water, such as legionella that causes Legionnaire’s disease.

Is 50 degrees hot enough for hot water?

The temperature at any tap should be above 50 degC within 60 seconds. See the HSE L8 document Legionnaires’ Disease; The control of legionella bacteria in water systems. The thermostat is usually 1/3rd or 1/2 of the way up the cylinder and the water will stratify and be colder blow this.

Would 150 degree water burn you?

Most adults will suffer third-degree burns if exposed to 150 degree water for two seconds. Burns will also occur with a six-second exposure to 140 degree water or with a thirty second exposure to 130 degree water. Even if the temperature is 120 degrees, a five minute exposure could result in third-degree burns.

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Is 60 degrees water hot?

In general, hot water is 130 F (54.4 C) or above. Warm water is between 110 and 90 F (43.3 to 32.2 C). Cold water is generally between 80 and 60 F (26.7 to 15 C).

What is the minimum temperature for a hot water tank?

Under the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500.4, heated water must be stored at a minimum temperature of 60°C, to inhibit the growth of Legionella bacteria.

Is 55 degrees hot enough for a shower?

The optimal temperature for shower water or bath water, so that it washes away environmental dirt and bacteria, is no higher than 112 degrees Fahrenheit, Cleveland Clinic dermatologist Melissa Piliang says.