What town is between Calgary and Edmonton?

The best city between Calgary, Canada and Edmonton, Canada to meet is Red Deer, Canada which is about 4 miles from the exact midpoint. The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 52° 18′ 14″ N and 113° 51′ 39″ W. The total driving distance from Calgary, Canada to Edmonton, Canada is 183 miles or 295 kilometers.

Is Lacombe closer to Calgary or Edmonton?

Lacombe (/ləˈkoʊm/) is a city in central Alberta, Canada. It is located approximately 25 kilometres (16 mi) north of Red Deer, the nearest major city, and 125 kilometres (78 mi) south of Edmonton, the nearest metropolitan area.

Where is the Calgary Edmonton Corridor?

The Calgary–Edmonton Corridor is a geographical region of the Canadian province of Alberta. It is the most urbanized area in Alberta and is one of Canada’s four most urban regions.

How far apart is Calgary and Edmonton?

The shortest distance (air line) between Edmonton and Calgary is 173.42 mi (279.10 km). The shortest route between Edmonton and Calgary is 183.14 mi (294.74 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx.

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Is Red Deer closer to Edmonton or Calgary?

Red Deer is a city in central Alberta, Canada. It is located near the midpoint of the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor and is surrounded by Red Deer County.

Is Lethbridge close to Calgary or Edmonton?

Lethbridge is Alberta’s third-largest by population after Calgary and Edmonton. It is the third largest in area after Calgary and Edmonton and is near the Canadian Rockies, 210 kilometres (130 mi) southeast of Calgary. Lethbridge is split into three geographical areas: north, south and west.

What does Lacombe mean in English?

French (western and southwestern): topographic name for someone living in or near a ravine, from la combe ‘the ravine’ (a word of Gaulish origin, related to English Combe).

Which city is better Edmonton or Calgary?

Although Edmonton was recently ranked as the 60th best city in the world to live in, Calgary has been named 5th most livable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit. … Good job opportunities exist in both cities; Edmonton has more blue-collar jobs while Calgary has more white-collar jobs.

Who is bigger Calgary or Edmonton?

Calgary is the largest city with an estimated population of 1.1 million and a metropolitan population of 1.21 million. … As the second-largest city in Alberta and the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the country, Edmonton has a population of 815,000 in 2014. The Edmonton CMA has a population of 1.16 million.

What is the area of Edmonton?

Alberta is bordered by British Columbia to the west, Saskatchewan to the east, the Northwest Territories (NWT) to the north, and the U.S. state of Montana to the south.

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How far apart are Edmonton and Toronto?

Distance between Edmonton and Toronto is 2710 KM / 1684.1 miles.

Is Calgary a good place to live?

Calgary is one of Canada’s wealthiest, cleanest and most liveable cities. Like Edmontonians, Calgary residents enjoy a lower cost of living, a good job market and low taxes. … Calgarians also have the lowest provincial personal income tax rate in Canada at just 10 per cent.