What trade does Canada do with China?

Unlike many of Canada’s trading partners, exports to China have been climbing steadily and did not fall during the global economic crisis. Although Canadian agri-food exports to China are dominated by canola products, China is also an important market for Canadian pulses, pork, beef, wheat and barley.

Does Canada do business with China?

China is the world’s second largest economy and is the second most important bilateral commercial partner for Canada.

Is China Canada’s biggest trading partner?

After the opening of Canada–People’s Republic of China relations in 1970, trade with China has expanded rapidly. The 20 largest trade partners of Canada represent 94.0% of Canada’s exports, and 91.9% of Canada’s imports as of December 2016.

List of the largest trading partners of Canada.

Rank 2
Territory China
Exports 23,249.1
Imports 74,992.7
Total trade 98,241.9

What is China’s biggest export to Canada?

Coal (+199.3% to $519 million), iron ore (+96.5% to $516 million), chemical wood pulp (+2.8% to $441 million), canola seeds (+30.4% to $405 million), and canola Oil (+57.3% to $390 million) are the top five export categories by dollar value.

Canada-China Trade: 2021 Q1.

Province (Exports) Nunavut
Jan-Mar 2020 N/A
Jan-Mar 2021 N/A
% Change N/A
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Why does Canada trade so much with China?

Canada has taken advantage by diversifying our exports to China away from our traditional dependence on wheat to industrial goods and forestry products. Prices for our commodity exports also have benefited from the boost from China’s growth.

Does Canada depend on China?

According to Statistics Canada, Canada exported $16.3 billion worth of merchandise to China in 2011, and imported more than $48 billion. Canada mainly exports natural resources to China, and largely imports manufactured goods.

What percentage of Canada’s exports go to China?

Canada top 5 Export and Import partners 2019

Canada exports to China worth US$ 17,536 million, with a partner share of 3.93 percent. Canada exports to United Kingdom worth US$ 14,928 million, with a partner share of 3.35 percent.

Who are Canada’s 5 top export partners?

Canada top 5 Export and Import partners

Market Trade (US$ Mil) Partner share(%)
United States 336,215 75.37
China 17,536 3.93
United Kingdom 14,928 3.35
Japan 9,516 2.13

Who is Canada’s most important trading partner?

The United States is Canada’s chief trading partner, constituting more than two-thirds of all Canadian trade; exports account for a larger share of trade than imports. The dependence on U.S. trade is not just a technical matter of market shares in imports and exports.

What country does Canada not trade with?

Canada’s sanctions apply an arms and related materials embargo on the following countries:

  • Central African Republic.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Eritrea.
  • Iran.
  • Iraq.
  • Lebanon.
  • Libya.
  • Myanmar.