Where can I buy a copy of the Ontario Building Code?

Where can I get a copy of my Ontario Building Code?

You may view a copy of the Building Code online at the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website. You may also visit one of the following Toronto Public Libraries: Toronto Reference Library.

What is the current version of Ontario building code?

May 2, 2019

The ministry amended Ontario’s Building Code (O. Reg 332/12) to further harmonize Ontario’s Building Code with the 2015 National Codes.

Is the Ontario Building Code free?

The new website and app were both officially launched at the Ontario Building Officials Association’s Virtual AMTS 2020 conference. The beta version of the app is available for free for a limited time. “The program is built for users,” he said.

How many pages is the Ontario Building Code?


The Ontario Building Code 2012 by Orderline is over 800 pages of Code information economically priced to ensure that Code compliance stays within your budget. It contains the core of the objective-based Code: the Building Code Act, 1992 (last amendment: 2020, c.

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Who enforces Ontario Building Code?

Building Inspections. Toronto Building enforces compliance with the Ontario Building Code, which is achieved through mandatory inspections for building permits and demolitions, as well as investigations of emergency orders and work without permits.

Who writes the Ontario Building Code?

1. The Building Code Commission: The Building Code Commission (the “Commission”) is a statutory tribunal which exercises its powers and performs duties in accordance with the Building Code Act, 1992 (the “Act”). The Commission operates independently from the Government of Ontario.

How big can you build in Ontario without a permit?

You must obtain a building permit before you: construct any new building over ten square meters in area or place another structure, such as a mobile home, on your property. make renovations or repairs or add to a building. change the use of a building.

What is Part 3 Ontario Building Code?

Part 3: Use and Occupancy

This Part contains the requirements with respect to health and fire safety, which depend upon the use to which a building is put and its type of occupancy.

How do I reference the Ontario Building Code?

Ontario Regulations (including the Ontario Building Code)

Format: Title, Jurisdiction (O – for Ontario), Regulation (abbreviated to Reg.) Number/ last two digits of year, pinpoint section (abbreviated to s.), (subsection in parenthesis).

What year is the current Ontario Building Code?

There are over 140 OBC changes to the 2012 Building Code released in 2019. The majority of amendments come into effect January 1, 2020.

Do you need a permit to build a deck in Ontario?

All decks require a building permit. This includes decks under 108 ft2 that are attached or floating and serve a building on the property. Decks serving pools also require a permit. … Footing depth can be reduced if on free-draining soils or rock (as defined by the Ontario Building Code (OBC)).

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What does the Ontario Building Code apply to?

Since 1976, the Ontario Building Code has set the minimum standard for the design and construction of all new buildings and for additions, alterations and change of use of existing buildings in the Province of Ontario.