Where can I find caribou in Canada?

Caribou live all across Canada and are present in the northern regions of all the provinces, except Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Do caribou live in Ontario?

Caribou are medium-sized members of the deer family. There are two distinct populations of caribou in Ontario. The boreal population of caribou lives in the boreal forest all year. … Both populations of caribou are listed as a species at risk in Ontario.

What province has the most caribou?


number herd/population provinces/territory
1 Porcupine Alaska, NWT, Nunavut
2 Tuktoyaktik Peninsula Herd ISR, Northwest Territories
3 Cape Bathurst NWT
4 Bluenose West* NWT

Where can you find caribou?

Caribou are found throughout Alaska and northern Canada, and along the west coast of Greenland. Caribou used to live in Maine and the northern Great Lakes states, but they are no longer found in those areas.

Are there caribou in Quebec?

Two herds of migratory caribou are present in Québec: the George River Herd and the Leaf River Herd. The two populations have distinct distribution areas and demographics.

Is there caribou in Algonquin Park?

The endangered woodland caribou, which once roamed as far south as Algonquin Park, have had their numbers cut in half over the past century.

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Are there caribou in southern Ontario?

The Southern Hudson Bay subpopulation inhabits Ontario and is found along the coastal Manitoba-Ontario border, extending southeast to Cape Henrietta Maria. The Eastern Migratory caribou range in Ontario also extends southwards, partially overlapping with Boreal caribou range in winter.

How many caribou live in Alberta?

Based on limited observations from aerial surveys, the Alberta government provided a rough estimate of at least 2000 caribou in Alberta (Draft Provincial Woodland Caribou Range Plan, 2017).

Are there caribou in Alberta?

There are twelve boreal and three southern mountain woodland caribou populations currently on provincial lands in Alberta. One additional southern mountain caribou population is located in Jasper National Park and is under the jurisdiction of the federal government.

Is the caribou endangered in Canada?

Information on Caribou in Canada

All caribou in Canada are at risk of extinction. … About half of those units are endangered, meaning they are the closest to local extinction. They include herds in southern B.C. and in southern Alberta, and the once mighty George and Leaf River herds of Labrador and Quebec.

How many caribou are in Canada?

There are more than 2.4 million caribou in Canada. Some dwell in forests, some in mountains, some migrate each year between the sparse forests and tundra of the far north, and others remain on the tundra all year. The woodland caribou is the largest and darkest of the caribou subspecies.

Where can I see caribou migration?

Where and when. Late August and September the caribou are in the Barrens around Hudson Bay and can be seen during excursions from the Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge. You can also see them in the spring months in the same place, best time being early May as they head to their calving grounds further north.

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Where do caribou live in Alaska?

Habitat. Caribou live in arctic tundra, mountain tundra, and northern forests. In Alaska, caribou are distributed in 32 herds (or populations). A herd uses a calving area that is separate from the calving areas of other herds, but different herds may mix together on winter ranges.