Which highways in Ontario have tolls?

What highways in Toronto have tolls?

The tolls charged on the 407 have been cited as the highest priced tolls in the world! Alternately, at no charge, you can use highways 401, 403, and the QEW ( Queen Elizabeth Way ) which parallel the 407 ETR route.

What is the difference between Highway 407 and 407 ETR?

The Government of Ontario sets and regulates tolls and fees on Highways 407, 412 and 418. 407 ETR establishes the tolls and fees for Highway 407 ETR. Your 407 ETR transponder is valid on any toll highway in Ontario – including Highway 407, Highway 412, Highway 418 and 407 ETR.

Where does the 407 ETR start and end?

Highway 407 ETR extends 108 km (67 miles) from the QEW/403 (Burlington, ON) in the west to Brock Road (Pickering, ON) in the east. There are 198 ramps on 407 ETR to conveniently enter or exit the highway. Provincially-owned Highway 407 continues east of Brock Road once you reach the end of 407 ETR.

Does EZ Pass work in Ontario?

No you cannot use an EZ pass – that is for American roads. In Ontario there is only one toll highway – 407ETR – electronic toll that reads your plate and sends a bill. There is no need to use the 407ETR. There is a toll highway bypass around Montreal – it takes cash.

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Who owns the 407 highway in Ontario?

The Company is owned by indirectly owned subsidiaries of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (total 50.01%), also known as CPP Investments; Cintra Global S.E., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferrovial S. A. (43.23%); and SNC-Lavalin (6.76%).

Is 407 toll free?

Highway 407 is an electronically operated toll highway; there are no toll booths along the length of the route.

How much is the toll on 407?

Complete Fee Details

Fee Light Vehicle (5,000 kg and under) Heavy Single Unit Vehicle
Camera Charge (Camera Recorded Trip) $4.20 per Trip $50.00 per Trip
Trip Toll Charge (This is not a per kilometre charge, applicable for trips including travel on 407 ETR only). $1.00 per Trip $2.00 per Trip

Does the 407 go to the 115?

The Ontario government has announced the final stretch of Highway 407 — connecting the 407 to Highway 35/115 — and Highway 418 will be open to drivers beginning Monday, December 9th. The Highway 7 East project, a toll road owned by the Ontario government, was originally scheduled to be completed in 2020.

Is there a 408 highway in Ontario?

English: This is the highway shield for Highway 408. While this road’s designation has not been used yet, it is likely it will be used for the Mid-Peninsula Highway in Southern Ontario, as it is the lowest 400-series number available, and runs near a former extension of Highway 8.

What part of the 407 is free?

Highway 412, another toll road, which connects Highway 407 and Highway 401, is also open and free. “There will be a toll-free period on the new Highways 407 and 412 until the new year, allowing drivers to travel on these roads free of charge,” according to a news release from the Ministry of Transportation.

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Where does the 407 meet 400?

Hwy 407 & 400 – Intersection in Vaughan.