Which is the most useful river in north eastern Canada?

St. Lawrence River, hydrographic system of east-central North America. It starts at the outflow of Lake Ontario and leads into the Atlantic Ocean in the extreme east of Canada, opening much of the interior of the North American continent.

Which is the most useful river in north eastern Canada How does it help in trade?

The Red River is important because every spring the US exports floods to Canada. The Ottawa is the border between the two most populated provinces. The Montreal River and the North Saskatchewan River were major trade routes north of the prairies.

What is Canada’s most important river?

The Saint Lawrence River is the largest river in Canada based on the volume of water that flows through the river per second.

Leading rivers in Canada, based on discharge volume (in cubic meters per second)

Characteristic Discharge in cubic meters per second

What are the main waterways in Canada?

The list is ordered by the river’s total length, not just the portions within Canadian borders.

  • Mackenzie River: 4,241 km. Mackenzie River. …
  • Yukon River: 3,185 km. …
  • Nelson River: 2,575 km. …
  • Columbia River: 2,000 km. …
  • Saskatchewan River: 1,939 km. …
  • Peace River: 1,923 km. …
  • South Saskatchewan River: 1,392 km. …
  • Fraser River: 1,375 km.
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What is a river in Canada that start with A?

Athabasca River

The first 168 km (located in Jasper National Park) are designated as a Canadian Heritage River. As a tributary to the Mackenzie River, water flowing on the Athabasca River eventually drains into the Arctic Ocean.

Which river has the most water?

By far, Brazil’s Amazon River carries more water to the sea than any other river in the world. The discharge at the mouth of the river is about seven million cubic feet (170,000 cubic meters) per second, which is about four times the flow of the Congo in Africa, the river ranked second in terms of discharge.

Why is the St. Lawrence River important to Canada?

The St. Lawrence River and Seaway is of vital geographic and economic importance to the Great Lakes system, connecting the lakes to the Atlantic Ocean and providing navigation to deep-draft ocean vessels. … The St. Lawrence River drops 226 feet between Lake Ontario and Montreal, Canada.

What is the deepest river in Canada?

Deep River is opposite the Laurentian Mountains and the Province of Quebec. The name Deep River purportedly derives from the fact that the Ottawa River reaches its greatest depth of 402 feet (123 m) just outside the township.

Deep River, Ontario.

Deep River
Country Canada
Province Ontario
County Renfrew
Founded 1944

Where is the Mackenzie River in Canada?

Canada’s Mackenzie River, the country’s longest, spills out of Great Slave Lake, just north of the border between Alberta and Northwest Territories. The river flows northwest, skirting the northern ranges of the Rocky Mountains before widening into a marshy, lake-dotted delta.

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What is the longest river of Canada?

The Mackenzie River is the longest river in Canada at 4,241 km long and feeding more than 50,000 lakes.

Which province has the most rivers in Canada?


# Name Provinces, states
1 Mackenzie River Northwest Territories
2 Yukon River British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska
3 Saint Lawrence River Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Quebec
4 Nelson River Manitoba

How are waterways important to Canada?

Using Canada’s inland waterways, it is possible to travel on water, by canoe, from tide water near Québec to the Arctic coast in the far northwest, and even across the mountains to the Pacific coast.

Is the Yukon River the longest river in Canada?

At 3,185 km (1,149 km of which lie in Canada), the Yukon River is the fifth-longest river in North America. At 3,185 km (1,149 km of which lie in Canada), the Yukon River is the fifth-longest river in North America.